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Helping Companies Make Better Business Decisions

Introducing Cube Billing

Helping Companies Make Better Business Decisions

Cube Billing, LLC aims to empower clients with the ability to easily understand cost information via a cost allocation and chargeback application. We help make financial data transparent across sales, delivery, account teams, and external clients.

Cube Billing was founded on the principle that understanding costs and revenue is imperative to making better business decisions. Cube Billing's cloud-based cost allocation and chargeback application creates the financial transparency essential for influencing consumption behaviors, measuring productivity initiatives, and recouping outstanding revenue.

Identifying Cost Allocation Methods

Have You Been Noticing Any of the Following Common Business Problems?

  1. Use of Excel for cost allocations becomes error prone, introduces complexity, and doesn't meet business needs.

  2. Making decisions based only on summary level data regarding costs of products/services, due to a lack of detailed information about where profits are truly generated.

  3. Lack of ability to validate productivity initiatives implemented throughout the company.

  4. Client invoices so complex they require manual manipulation.

Cube Billing's Expense Allocation Software is the Solution

Cube Billing is a cloud-based application with two service offerings: An Internal Billing/Chargeback System and an External Billing System.

If you would like more transparency in understanding the costs of providing your products and/or services and in understanding who consumes how much of your products/services, and if you would like the ability to monitor these over time, Cube Billing can help.

  1. We can exponentially enhance your existing ERP and/or Hyperion investments.
  2. We can apply lessons learned to drive cost savings and align productivity initiatives.
  3. We can help you understand profitability by client and offering at a detailed level.

There are several different factors to consider when implementing software packages with the goal of driving financial transparency. We offer a comprehensive suite of features to help clients generate their billing, chargeback, and cost allocation transactions. Our goals are to provide flexible, easily maintained solutions that help customers obtain financial insight during all stages of business evolution (e.g. transformational change, steady state, continuous improvement, etc.). Each application has been designed to stand alone or integrate into existing SAP, Oracle, and other software investments.

Please see our Cost Allocation Solutions to learn about our software solutions.

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